In an increasingly competitive resource market, mining companies are required to formulate effectively and steer the business.

With the introduction of EPSA to Australia, Mining Skills Australia has been provided the opportunity to continue to support and assist EPSA during this process through providing training resources, Maintenance and Certificate training, Paramedics, and an Emergency Response Team.

Our leadership team including Gary Bradshaw, Rachel Hawker, and Graeme Bradshaw, visited the Isaac Downs site in Central Queensland, to assist with the handover of site to EPSA.

A complete handover was achieved within 24 hours from the previous site mine, Mining Skills Australia was able to assist EPSA with a full scope of capabilities.   

In this crucial period of transition for EPSA, Mining Skills Australia is happy to be involved and provide a fully functional support of our services like MSA’s New paramedic team, which took on the challenge and new job responsibilities with confidence. By expanding the scope for our paramedic team, Mining Skills Australia showcased the additional resources MSA can provide, not only digital learning resources.

Mining Skills Australia is happy to support local and global networks and look forward to the success of reaching the knowledge gap for the EPSA mine site.

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