Rachel Hawker and the Emergency Response team at Isaac Downs Mine site



Rachel Hawker, Project Manager for the Emergency Management Department of Mining Skills Australia, along with her team of Paramedics, recently got a wonderful opportunity to visit Isaac Downs Mine Site at Moranbah.

The introduction of EPSA to Australia has opened opportunities for Mining Skills Australia to develop and assist them with Paramedics and an Emergency Response Team on site.

Mining Skills Australia provide Paramedics, Credentialling, clinical Governance, Medical Oversight & Drug/Poisons Licence to ensure safety by complying to QLD Health standards.

With that support, MSA organised a full clinical setup, Paramedic & Drug Compliancy and Ambulance services within 24 hours with our highly qualified Medical Service Team at EPSA, Isaac Downs Mine site.

The entire process was seamless with an appreciable effort from the team of EPSA to the site management team.

To achieve the desirable result of smooth transition within 24 hours, teamwork played a vital role as they demonstrated their support, leadership, and flexibility.

With that, the paramedics were also able to assist EPSA by providing inputs and analysing their Emergency Response plans.

Mining Skills Australia will also assist EPSA with providing Cert III in Mines rescue for all ERT Crews.

Mining Skill Australia will also continue to provide trainers, gap analysis, training matrix’s and 12-month training plans which will aid in focused and experienced Emergency Response Site wide.

It has been an exciting time and our Paramedics are focused and energised, ensuring the highest quality of safety. Our focus is on providing passionate, experienced Paramedics from various work backgrounds – ranging from Ambulance to Mining & Defence Forces.

Mining Skills Australia is determined to fill the knowledge gap and enhance training across departments through the Resource Industry. Contact us to know more and experience our industrial services on 07 3556 3982 or email [email protected].

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