Richard’s experience across the mining industry in load and haul


Mining Skills Australia believes it is essential to standardise the operator techniques based on the requirements of your mine site.

MSA streamlines the production operators across various mine sites globally to enhance the productivity of our clientele. Our Training specialist, Richard Hunter showcasing his experience at the Rio Tinto – Brockman 2 mine site.

With the ongoing pandemic situation has affected various workplaces, including shortage of mine operators. To fulfill the space, organisations focus on upskilling their workforce.

Mining Skills Australia plays a significant role in minimising the education gap and provides real time information to the miners through the medium of our trainers, resources and eLearning technologies.

The knowledge gained through the years of experience and learning gives an edge to the trainers to impart a new skill to the operators.

There is always room for proficiency and learning opportunities, and this is supported by the encouragement for technologies like Animation and eLearning in addition to the trainer’s knowledge.

The advantage of having the involvement of trainers has a substantial impact on the learning process as they have a “fresh perspective” on operator training.

For instance, the trainers continuously assess the operator’s learning and provide feedbacks, aiding the knowledge transfer.

The trainers representing Mining Skills Australia assist with the increased workload of the company, respectively after upgrading the skills of the operators through their training quality.

Essential and cooperative trainer specialists like Richard Hunter at Mining Skills Australia, shares his experience of knowledge sharing at Rio Tinto – B2 mine site.

One of the major motivating factors for him at the site is encouragement and appreciation from operators at the end of the training session. The learning imparted by Richard, aids the operators by augmenting their knowledge and techniques to operate a machine.

As a result, the productivity, proficiency, and safety of the operator increases at the mine site, increasing efficiency for our clients.

Mining Skills Australia aims to support global and local networks with learning and development support for the operators at the Rio Tinto –  Greater Brockman mines

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