Importance of Scaling in Animation


Do you ever wonder how we effortlessly connect to the real world through animation?

Animation enables us to communicate stories in a unique pattern, making humans of any age to understand the idea with ease. Similarly, Mining Skills Australia designs the animations that can be easily connected by an ordinary person.

One important factor in animation is scaling. Our animator’s work with dozens of technical manuals and hundreds of reference images to get the scale of machines right. This means each individual component in each machine is correct, which aids realism in training animations, as well as ensuring complete learner immersion.

Mining Skill Australia adheres to minute details to provide quality services to our clients. Scaling the machine is one such example where we adjust the ratio of the machine’s animation to the actual size of it to provide a real time experience to the users. This in turn means a more accurate scenario when discussing practical situations. Knowledge based immersive learning gives the operator a greater responsibility when understanding the ‘why’ behind each situation, therefore, Mining Skills Australia believes, creates a safer operator and site.

Our aim of quality, proficiency and productivity is achieved with the help of the diligent work done by our animators through their created animations.

At Mining Skills Australia, our reliable team of animators ensures your business requirements are successfully completed by providing an experience of real-world, utilizing their technical expertise.

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