Compared to previous times, mining is substantially safer, however, fundamentally it can be challenging and risk to injury to personnel is still something to be conscious of.

With opportunities to potential risks, several operations at various Mine sites within Australia, aim to include Emergency Response Team (ERT) to respond to the dangerous incidents.

The members of the Emergency Response Team are highly skilled and trained to handle any hazardous incidents.

In the Resource Industry, Paramedics established a pivotal role on site as they are the first contact regarding injuries or illness in a mine site.

Mining Skills Australia provides Paramedic services to various mine sites which involves varying responsibilities such as completion of drug and alcohol screening, attending to patient’s needs, liaising with the onsite safety team, escalating matters accordingly and complete any admin related tasks including kit checks and site familiarisation.

In conjunction with the Paramedic services, Mining Skill Australia focuses on providing the training services to the ERT at Mine sites building teams skill sets including First Aid, CPR, Road Crash Rescue, and Hazardous Material Management.

The training services are supported by the theoretical learning as well as hands-on practical with any equipment in numerous scenarios. The emphasis is on learning outcomes and trainer interaction.

Strengthened by training arrangements along with professional interaction by our paramedics, the ERT team on site can enhance their skills in emergency conditions.

In addition to training, the awareness talk by our paramedics explores the experiences of the onsite crews on health and safety concerns.

Overall, the aim of safety maintenance is fulfilled by our proficient team of paramedics.

Mining Skills Australia specialises in providing comprehensive emergency response services in the Resources Industry.

Through clinical governance, medical oversight, and drug licensing we ensure that our clients are compliant to Mining Health and Safety Legislation and Mining Emergency response guidance.

Mining Skills Australia is determined to fill the knowledge gap and enhance training across departments through the Resource Industry.
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