Last week Mining Skills Australia had the honour of presenting at the Resources Training Council’s Annual Conference.

The first RTC conference held in 3 years, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was a great opportunity to support the resources industry, along side other influential resource and industry leaders across Australia.

The team at Mining Skills Australia, including Graeme BradshawGary BradshawEmma HutsonQasim Ahsan and Phil White, discussed the topic, “Does competency meet the requirements for Industry (Lifting the Industry Training Standards)?”

The theme was presented through the following topics:

·       Lifting Barriers to Participation
·       Ensuring the Quality of Adult Learning
·       Recognition and Validation of Learning Outcomes
·       Learning and Development Change
·       Indicators and Benchmarks

This was also a great opportunity to show how Mining Skills Australia is supporting the resource industry by lifting industry standards through our various mediums of digital and visual technologies and training resources.

The two-day event included discussion and presentations from a range of industry leaders and provided Mining Skills Australia the availability to connect with other Resources Training Council members.

Mining Skills Australia would like to thank and show appreciation to the  and Board for hosting and supporting MSA.