Mining Skills Australia is excited to be developing training packages and modules with a difference. Using new software, Mining Skills Australia’s Animation and RTO Department joined forces to create a Task Observation presentation that mine sites will use to train their Supervisors and Managers.

The module is presented in a setting which involves imbedding the animation within the presentation, with fully responsive interactive questioning and activities. The Training presentation / modules can be saved as a SCORM file which is then uploaded to your LMS system of choice, meaning the progress of the user is trackable.

With Mining Skills Australia using the latest web technologies to create training packages, it’s generating greater access for our clients, as they can now automatically adapt to any device, on or offline, perfect for those remote areas.

Is your organisation seeking a streamline option, modern approach, or greater access to your current training material? Contact Mining Skills Australia today to discuss how we can present to you the latest in blended eLearning presentation applications and creation services today.