Mining Skills Australia offer Leadership and Management courses for Supervisory or Management roles to build leadership skills. The courses will train you to monitor health and safety, implement an operational plan, manage projects, promote team effectiveness and show leadership in the workplace. 

These courses introduce the generic concepts of process management and systems engineering and develops models for how these techniques can be applied to different mining systems.

Different aspects of mining operations require different management approaches. These courses provide applied management theory and practices in each area of project, process, contracts and contractor management. In each case, examples and case studies are linked to mining operations. The courses work through a typical mining system to identify the embedded sub-projects and processes which are inherent to the mining system and demonstrates the role and benefits of applying different management techniques.


Mining Skills Australia offer Project Management using the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques applied to project activities to meet the project requirements.
Managing a project includes identifying your project’s requirements and what everyone needs from the project. What are the objectives for the project. Making sure the goals set are agreed on by everyone to avoid team conflicts later. Understanding and addressing the needs of everyone affected by the project means the result of your project is far more likely to satisfy your stakeholders. Balancing the many competing project constraints.

On any project, you will have several project constraints that are competing for your attention. They are cost, scope, quality, risk, resources, and time.

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