What’s better than watching a real-world environment together with virtual details right in front of you? At @MiningSkillsAustralia we offer you a similar experience with one of the biggest technology trends, @AugmentedReality (AR). Linking the physical world to the digital platform, AR acts a channel between machines and humans. This growing technology allows @Miningskillsaustralia to expand its horizon and offer a hands-on approach towards teaching, allowing a 569-tonne excavator to land in front of you or even on the palm of your hand by simply using your tablet or mobile device.

Being challenging to deploy, the animators of @MiningSkillsAustralia use their knowledge and experienced gained through an innumerable iterative process to create a real time immersive experience for our users, augmenting the understanding through the medium of this technology.

In general, our animators use the assets from Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) to optimise AR.  Additionally, the model is combined with virtual touch by applying an invisible mesh and then the models are pre-rigged in the animation. This process is duplicated to provide that real-time Augmented Reality experience, which can mean having you operating a Rigid Haul Truck, when seated at your office desk!

At Mining Skills Australia, our Animation team facilitates your business needs and provides you with exceptional service from creating equipment movement to placing it anywhere you want.

We support you with our AR capabilities to create scenarios for your distinct environment and organisational needs. Contact Mining Skills Australia today to discuss how Augmented Reality can fit within your company or organisation today.