Mining Skills Australia provides drill and blast consultancy services to the surface and underground mining industries to improve safety, technology understanding and optimisation.

Mining Skills Australia (MSA) is a Brisbane, Queensland Australia based company that is privately owned.

While sustaining continual internal Australian sales growth, global expansion has been strong and has developed a presence in 13 countries due to our ability to use emerging technologies to develop blended Digital eLearning training resources, example XR.

MSA is fully supported in Australia by all levels of Government, is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and certified as an accredited training provider.

MSA’s Drill and Blast unit is recognised as a participant in the following related key Industry bodies:

International Society of Explosive Engineers

Standards Australia

Australian National Competence Training Framework

Australia Explosives Industry Safety Group (AEISG)

Mining Skills Australia Products and Services include, but not limited to the following:

Desk top and site audits and consultancy services

Explosives storage and handling compliance auditing

Shotfirer and Blast crew personnel availability, training and mentoring

Drill rig operations proficiency training / mentoring

MPU skills development

Shotfirer course delivery (open cut and underground)

Assistant shotfirer course delivery

Explosives safe handling practices and transport (open cut and underground)

Procedural audits and licencing

Safety, environment and community relations

Software solutions

IMESAFR Assessments

Our focus is providing technical solutions to assist our clients to perform optimally at all levels, generating sustainable downstream processing efficiency and productivity gains.


In Australia, Mining Skills Australia’s Drill & Blast business unit develops and provides the following Accredited Courses to Australia Training Framework competency standards and site specific Non-Accredited Training Courses

Mining Skills Australia’s Drill & Blast training resource delivery can be provided in-person, on-site or remotely using a blended approach including XR (Animation, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) as these innovative technologies offer unique characteristics for product and equipment familiarisation.

Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations (Under Development)

This qualification reflects the role of employees such as production operators in an open cut mine or quarry, who perform tasks involving a broad range of skilled applications in a varied work context, using some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, services or contingency measures for drill and blast activities.

Open Cut Shotfirer (Metalliferous and coal)

RIIBLA301E   Conduct surface shotfiring operations

RIIBLA205E   Store, handle and transport explosives

RIIBLA305E   Conduct secondary blasting

RIIBLA402E   Monitor and control the effects of blasting on the environment

Underground Shotfirer (Metalliferous)

RIIBLA205E   Store, handle and transport explosives

RIIBLA303E   Conduct underground development shotfiring

RIIBLA304E   Conduct underground production shotfiring

RIIBLA305E   Monitor and control the effects of blasting on the environment

Support Shotfirer

RIIBLA201E   Support Shotfiring Operations

Mobile Manufacturing of Explosives

RIIBLA203E   Conduct mobile mixing of explosives

Stemming Operations

RIIMPO304E   Conduct Wheel Loader Operations

Queensland Class 1 Category 2 Explosives Drivers Licence and Explosive Transport Drivers on Mine Sites

RIIBLA205E   Store, Handle and Transport Explosives


In the Australian market, Mining Skills Australia’s Drill & Blast business unit works with a mix of the following major DBE organisations, limited list below:

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