Mining Skills Australia is a supplier of proficiency and competency-based training programs and resources across Australia, with an ever-advancing global reach.

To support the training needs of various sites we have a range of equipment specific animations and eLearning resources used through online and tablet-based applications.

Mining Skills Australia has found that their suite of animated and mixed reality learning resources is working to lessen the knowledge gap when support Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN) issues in the workplace.

To support our resources, Mining Skills Australia:

Customises training resources through eLearning capabilities and Apps for remote locations globally.

Trains on-site, new to industry personnel, certified trainers, load and haul operators, Supervision and Management.

Provides machine application and operator training specialists with the tools to implement proficiency and competency-based training programs.

We develop and maintain competency-based training resources and packages in line with the Resource, Industry and Infrastructure (RII) training packages.

Contextualisation of material for Supervisor and Mine Management training packages, mapped to Legislative and Industry requirements.

Mining Skills Australia provides access to Production Mine Manages, Open Cut Examiner, Load and Haul Supervisor and Site Senior Executive trainers and mentors with over 50 years’ experience in various Open Cut Mines within Australia and Internationally.

Mining Skills Australia believe operator technique standardisation is essential based on the requirements for your mine site.

By providing and demonstrating hands on in cab proficiency training, we fine tune production operators across load and haul efficiency awareness ultimately to increase BCM or tonnage per hour for our clientele.

Mining Skills Australia can develop animations for any training-based practice for any industry. We are always looking for ways to innovate and integrate new technologies into our body of work.

Using our specifically built analytical tool for logging and reporting operator progress, Crew, Supervisors and Training Departments can get real time reports as to operator output for review and intervention.

Overall, the minimum increase in the efficiency in load and haul cycle is approximately 20%.


Proficiency Application Training


Proficiency application training accesses our broad range of experienced mining equipment specialists to capture current knowledge and skill levels. A report will be provided to recognise each individual operator’s current operating standard and give an in-depth analysis of the further training required. Proficiency application training covers the key performance indicators for load and haul equipment, preventative maintenance and equipment productivity. Mining Skills Australia utilises digital technologies to enhance productivity and training standardisation.

Operator Competency Training


Our competency trainers will deliver training in line with site and organisational competency requirements ensuring that all trainees meet the requirements of the competency standards. Our trainers will complete both knowledge and skills-based trainer using a variety of digital applications and they ensure all assessments are in line with the endorsed components of the National Training Package.

Training the Trainer


Mining Skills Australia has written, implemented and structured a Train the Trainer program that leaves the employees trained with the knowledge required to train persons on site to a high level of productivity. Our course focuses on standardisation of techniques and training material, ensuring that the most productive techniques are taught within your organisation.

Site Supervisor Training


Our trainers and mentors focus on Supervisor knowledge of loading equipment efficiency and preventative maintenance, short and long-term productivity requirements, and overall understanding of various mining conditions that impact daily KPI’s and targets.

Mining Skills – The next level in training for your business needs across the mining industry – nationally and globally.
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